Police fatality shoots and kills an armed man who attempted to pull a gun on him

Posted by Ezra 5 years ago in Police videos
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Newly released dash cam captured the deadly 2013 shooting of a suspect who pulled a handgun on an officer after being stopped. John W. Montgomery was stopped for an equipment violation in November 2013 when the shooting occurred. After initially failing to stop, Montgomery pulled over and armed himself with a handgun, which the officer spotted as he approached the vehicle. After ordering the suspect to drop the weapon several times, the officer fired multiple shots and struck Montgomery, who had a prior felony for voluntary manslaughter. Montgomery was transported to a local hospital, where he later died. A female passenger in the car was uninjured. "People like to qualify situations as a routine traffic stop or a routine alarm, but there are no routine calls of any kind," Westerville Police Chief Joe Morbitzer told the News & Public Opinion at the time of the shooting. "The officer was fighting to protect his life at that time.” The incident was reportedly the first time in the 98-year history of the department that an officer fired shots during a call.

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