House in New Zealand is ripped to pieces by Cyclone Marcia

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Footage from Yeppoon has houses get ripped apart during the height of destruction during Cyclone Marcia This is going to be a terrifying experience': Roofs ripped off homes and thousands plunged into darkness as Cyclone Marcia bears down on Queensland with 300km/h winds Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has issued a dire warning to residents in path of category 5 Cyclone Marcia Severe cyclone is expected to cause catastrophic damage to Yeppoon in central Queensland Ms Palaszczuk said it was too late to escape the storm's destructive path and residents should seek shelter Cyclone Marcia is predicted to be the most destructive cyclone in the state since 2013 Two men reported missing when their boat vanished en route to Fraser Island on Thursday have since been found Tropical Cyclone Lam lashed parts of the Northern Territory coast through the night and landed onshore at 4am Parts of homes on an island off the coast of central Queensland have started breaking off into the ocean and another 10,000 across the state are without power as the full force of Cyclone Marcia sets in. Dramatic pictures show the ground eroding away on Great Keppel Island, just east of Queensland's coast, causing three entire homes to collapse as the barricades holding up the structures are swept away. Winds of up to 200km per hour tore roofs and doors off buildings in the coastal town of Yeppoon as the storm, now downgraded to category 4, continues to tear down the coast. At least 10,000 homes in Yeppoon have lost power, and while the Bureau of Meteorology downgraded the cyclone's category, they warned of 'very destructive winds still expected near the centre'. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk warned the damage could be extremely destructive as she said residents would experience a very 'harrowing and terrifying' couple of hours. Fay Brewer, a staff member at Bayview Tower Hotel in Yeppoon, had to rescued from the lift after Cyclone Marcia cut power to the hotel 'My main message is Yeppoon must go into lockdown. (There will be) serious, strong, destructive winds. The noise will be extreme,' she said on Friday morning. 'Please do not leave your homes this morning. Go to the strongest part of your house, which is usually the bathrrom area. Take clothes and mattresses. Make sure your children are safe. Your safety now is paramount. 'Over the next few hours, many Queenslanders are going to go through a harrowing and terrifying experience. We will be standing by your side. This is a severe cyclone, I want everyone to take all the precautions.' Cyclone Marcia crossed the coastline near Shoalwater Bay, 100km north of Yeppoon, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. It is moving south at 20km per hour towards Yeppoon and Rockhampton. The storm was downgraded to category 3 as it crossed over Rockhampton on Friday afternoon. Rough seas from Cyclone Marcia hit as far down as the Gold Coast on Friday morning Emergency officials are warning people to take shelter ahead of torrential rain and flooding, destructive winds and massive seas as the worst of the storm hits - with Cyclone Marcia predicted to be the most destructive cyclone in the state since 2013. Yeppoon resident Chloe Blue was huddled inside her home with her parents and pet dog on Friday morning. 'It's very windy. The doors and windows are shaking. Trees are doubling over and it hasn't even gotten to Yeppoon yet,' the 21-year-old said. 'The rain is coming in horizontally so fast and hard. It's hard to picture it getting worse. 'I hope the doors don't fly off or random stuff smash into my car outside.' The storm surge is now forecast to be three metres above high tide, which will increase the risk of flooding. 'We have heard reports there are people still driving around on the roads in these communities. You are putting your lives and others at risk. This is a serious situation,' she said. Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said a disaster was looming for parts of Queensland and even emergency services would be withdrawing from the cyclone's strike zone in coming hours. 'This is going to be a calamity, there is no doubt about that,' he said. 'They will be going to places of safety, so that they are ready as soon as the eye has passed. As soon as the danger has passed, they can get out and assist member of the public.' Rockhampton, south of Yeppoon, is also in the firing line with Marcia still expected to be a strong category three cyclone when it hits there, after tracking south over land.

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