Whoopi Goldberg Pledges To Leave US If Trump Gets Elected

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Funny
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Donald Trump is on a crusade to paint all Mexicans as illegal aliens, alienate Muslims and paint aliens. (OK, I lied about the last one but the first two are true.) His brand of politics has got many people wondering if we are arriving in a “post-truth” era in which it’s no longer necessary to back up claims with facts. His followers don’t seem at all phased by his dubious statements but having convinced them that the media cannot be trusted, he is both the oracle and their new messiah. Having blamed immigrants for America’s problems, Trump technically should’ve faced opposition from everyone in America apart from the apaches (who have remained suspiciously quiet throughout this whole thing). Veteran actress Whoopi Goldberg has joined the argument, stating that she will leave the US if Trump becomes president

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