Let's take a look back at Democrats, socialists and commies in 1941 who wanted us to side with Hitler

Posted by Ezra 2019 years ago in War
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Anti-War Protesters with Peace with Hitler signs in front of Public Library, 5th Avenue: "Arm Britain and Prolong the War"; "Stay out of South America, of Europe, of War"; "Lend-Lease Lose-Lives"; "Hitler has not attacked us, why attack Hitler?"; "Why Not Peace with Hitler?"; "Europe for Europeans. America for Americans"; "Stay out of Europe"; "The Only Fight Worth Fighting is the Fight for Peace"; "Fight the Draft, Conscription in Tyranny"; "No Loans to England. No Arms to Anyone"; "American Union for Organization Against War"; "The Army and Navy are Hotbeds for Fascism"; "Protest Any Extension for Army Service". Category News & Politics

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