That's one way to get out a loose tooth, guy throws a football to rip it out quickly

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 2019 years ago in Cool videos
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Watch Leo's "tooth-down" pass! The Seattle Seahawks-Carolina Panthers NFC Championship game was like pulling teeth for many Seattle fans, but none more so than this little boy! Jim Devereaux posted a video to his Facebook page of his five-year-old son Leo doing his best Russell Wilson impression to yank out a loose tooth. "To add some excitement to a tough first half, Seahawks vs. Panthers, we decided to do a tooth extraction — 12th Man Dentistry, Russell Wilson style," Devereaux wrote in the post. The video shows the boy tossing the pigskin to his dad. A string attached to the ball pulls his loose tooth right out, sending it rattling around on the floor. "Best play of the whole game!" Leo's mom, Laurie, exclaims. Although the Seahawks ended up falling to the Panthers, 31 to 24, Leo came out a big winner - the tooth fairy left him $2!

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