1 Day After Hillary Clinton praised Obama relentlessly at the debates, Bill Clinton bashes him

Posted by Ezra 2019 years ago in News
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While Hillary Clinton is wrapping herself in President Obama, Bill Clinton is seemingly pushing him away. The former president made a comment while campaigning in Tennessee Thursday that is sure to offend some in the coveted black voting bloc. Playing off Congressman Steve Cohen’s introduction that claimed Bill Clinton was just a “stand-in for the first black president,” Clinton told an audience in Memphis, “You know what we learned from the human genome? “We learned that unless your ancestors — everyone of you — are 100 percent, 100 percent from sub-Saharan Africa, we are all mixed race people.” Obama, after all, is “mixed race” — his mother was white and his father was black. Is Clinton saying Obama isn’t really the first black president? The Commercial Appeal reports that wasn’t the only swipe at Obama: But in talking about the struggles of middle- and lower-class America, Clinton was met with silence when he said President Barack Obama wasn’t a “change-maker” like Hillary. He clarified a few sentences later that Obama has had accomplishments, including the Affordable Care Act. Friday night, MSNBC aired video of that statement.

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