Tesla Autopilot ultrasonic sensors handle two lanes merging to one

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Cool videos
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This video shows the ultrasonic sensors performing well when another vehicle passes while two lanes are merging to one. This road is a divided highway at this point, but other sections are not divided. Because of that, the AP had already restricted the speed to 10 km/h over the 80 km/h limit. The red truck passes normally while he still has two marked lanes. The Toyota follows, but too late. He starts his pass after the centre lane marking had already disappeared. The one remaining lane is narrowing to normal lane width. The AP has a vehicle closing on one side, and the outside lane marking closing on the other side. The AP tolerates reduced clearance, and has the ability to steer away from a closing vehicle. If necessary to avoid the vehicle, I believe it would have steered over the outside lane marking while at the same time requiring me to take control. This shows that the AP works well in a relatively confined space. As always, the driver must be ready to take control. If that had been required, I had space to the right and behind. My conclusion is that the AP can assess a situation like this, and most likely sees enough of the environment to make the right decisions. In this case it did everything right.

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