The Tetrahedron Superyacht, this Yacht looks more like a spaceship straight out of star wars

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The innovative concept vessel ‘levitates’ thanks to a vertical strut attached to a submerged torpedo-shaped hull. Called Tetrahedron Superyacht, it boasts spacious sun decks, an outdoor dining area and water toys for guests. Thanks to a design that controls roll forces, pitch and heave, the yacht can travel smoothly through rough water. With a pyramid-shaped superstructure that appears to fly low over the water, this innovative luxury superyacht looks like it belongs in outer space instead of the ocean. Billed as aviation on the sea, the radical concept from a London-based architect flips traditional yacht design on its head with a complete rethink. The futuristic vessel, called Tetrahedron Superyacht, ‘levitates’ thanks to a vertical strut attached to a submerged torpedo-shaped hull, but it retains all of the luxuries one would expect on a multimillion-pound ship. Designed by Jonathan Schwinge, renderings show spacious sun decks, an outdoor dining area, water toys and a set of retractable stairs into the sea. Made from carbon fibre and duplex stainless steel, Tetrahedron Superyacht can accommodate six passengers and four crew members in a 70.8-ft long pyramid that has four faces and six leading edges. It has a ‘flying speed’ of 38 knots (43.7mph) above the water line and a take-off speed of 15 knots (17.2mph), with a range of 3,000 nautical miles. Thanks to a unique design that controls roll forces, pitch and heave, the yacht would travel smoothly through rough water, said Schwinge. At low speed the yacht sits gently on three underbelly hulls and at high speed the pyramid rises from the water as the hydrofoils rotate on the submerged HYSWAS (hydrofoil small waterplane area ship) hull. This type of hull was previously developed by a number of companies, notably the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation in the US. The cost of the project was not revealed. Schwinge said in a statement: ‘The design is instigated by the rethinking of the form, superstructure and propulsion of the modern superyacht into a radically simple enclosure and an elevated mode of travel above the water line. ‘A three-based pyramid consisting of four faces and six leading edges provides fundamental stability and enclosure.’ He added: ‘Its form produces a pure, precise, logical and mathematical “roof” for which to connect to the hull assembly. Generally, simple forms are not known in ship and motor yacht construction through restrictions in ocean-going hull design.

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