Did Beyonce's superbowl performance incite someone to shoot at this Sheriff's home?

Posted by Ezra 2019 years ago in News
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In a press conference Tuesday, Arnold went on to question if the incident was a result of attacks on law enforcement officials that has seen several deputies killed across the nation. “With everything that’s happened since the Super Bowl,” he said. When asked to clarify, he added, “You know, Beyonce’s video.” Arnold's comment has since garnered a lot of attention on social media. He released this statement in response: “My comments reflect the violence and senseless killing of seven deputies in the U.S. since the show aired. My comments are an observation of the violence that has occurred but in no way is meant to offend anyone.” Officers also spoke with one of Arnold’s neighbors who said she heard five to six gunshots outside her residence around that same time. She reported seeing a light-colored sedan sitting across the street for 60 seconds before driving down Osborne Lane. Another neighbor, who drives a white Nissan Altima, also reported hearing shots as he was backing out of his driveway. He said he immediately stopped and looked around but didn't see anything. The motive for the shooting was unknown. The incident remains under investigation.

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