Nigerians CANNOT find Nigeria on a MAP

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in FAIL!
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Nigerians are really smart people, but it is obvious a lot of Nigerians suffer in the area of Geography. BattaBox presenter odunayo asks people in Lagos to find Nigeria on the map of Africa and it was quite interesting to see how many people do not know their map. "Nigeria was omitted from this map, i can't see it," says one guy Majority of the people we asked to identify Nigeria on the map of Africa repeatedly pointed at Democratic republic of Congo, being the biggest on the map in sub-Saharan Africa, people played the guess game and failed. "Its not here," replies one guy Odunayo further asked people which African country they would like to visit to which some people replied - "South Africa, because it is more developed" But when asked to find it on the map some of them could not

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