Donald Trump's convention manager says Ted Cruz is using "Gestapo tactics" to steal the nomination

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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When asked if threatening delegates is fair, Manafort said “It’s not my style, and it’s not Donald Trump’s style. But it is Ted Cruz’s style. And that’s going to wear thin very fast.”

He added, “He’s threatening; you go to these county conventions, and you see the tactics, Gestapo tactics, the scorched-earth tactics … We are going to be filing several protests because the reality is they have not been playing by the rules. But frankly, that’s the side game. Because the only game I’m focusing on right now is getting delegates. And the games that have happened, even this past weekend, you know, are not important to the long-term game of how do we get to 1,237.

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