Awesome Statement of Canadian PM on Islamic Terrorism

Posted by moku 4 years ago in News
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In a press conference this week, Prime Minister Trudeau was asked about Muslim terrorism in a question that didn't use the word "Islam" or "terrorism." His answer reflected the question.

His answer seems to point to the Obama-Merkel strategy, which means combining the CVE, with UN resolution 16/18 to turn the power of the state against those who point out the Islamic roots of Islamic terrorism, than against the Muslims who propagate jihad rhetoric.

To get an idea of what might be coming our way, research Quebec bill 59, one of the chief architects of which is now the president of Ottawa University, Jacques Freemont.

The language Trudeau used was strikingly similar to what we have heard from Obama, Merkel, Cameron and other Western national leaders who have been criminalizing the most basic freedom of all human history: The freedom to criticize political and religious authority for the sake of individual liberty.

And in the case of Islam, it is most decidedly both.

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