Christian group calls in a Christian cult to expose how radical they are, gets some arrested

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in Police videos
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Members of a controversial East Texas church seem to have taken the idea of a Crusade a little too literally. Church “elder” Jacob Gardner, 27, was one of six men charged after an incident last year at Lakewood Church made famous by Pastor Joel Osteen.

Gardner believes that his church in Wells, Texas are practicing the true form of Christianity while others, such as those at Lakewood Church, are not. “All throughout the centuries Christianity was persecuted,” Gardner told KPRC 2 News in Houston. “All I need to do is step outside and be a Christian and I’ll be persecuted.”

Gardner thinks that God is compelling him and the members of his church to warn the world of an impending judgment day. His “brothers” stand with him including Richard Trudeau and Mark DeRouville who were arrested last month for disrupting services at a Baptist church in the New York town of Saranac Lake.

They were arrested a second time when the two spotted a pregnant woman in the neighboring town of Alto. When they learned she was unmarried they “started telling her that she was living in sin and would burn in the pits of hell if she did not repent,” according to the police report.

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