Wife of a BMW Driver pulls a gun on motorcyclist who just jumped her husband

Posted by moku 4 years ago in Accidents
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An unidentified motorcyclist captured a roadside confrontation in Florida that escalated to both physical violence and the threat of shots fired, Lanesplitter reported.

The incident was posted online by a YouTube user identifying themselves only as “DankWheelie,” who stated that they were not involved.

The footage shows a red BMW switch lanes and narrowly miss another motorcyclist, who then hits the car on its passenger-side window before passing on its right.

About two minutes later, the motorcyclist and another person are seen confronting the BMW’s driver before trying to leave the scene. However, the driver tells them, “Stay right here” and then gets in front of one of the motorcycles, blocking it with his body as a third motorcyclist approaches the confrontation.

The third rider grabs the driver by the arm and pushes him. Seconds later, all three men hit the motorist, sending him to the ground. At that point, an unidentified woman emerges from the BMW’s passenger side brandishing a gun and yelling at them.

The person filming the encounter then rides away from the scene without any apparent signs of gunfire.

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