Texas : 2 8yr Old boys got caught sexually assaulting another 8yr old boy on a school bus

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Two eight-year-old boys sexually assaulted another eight-year-old boy on an Eagle Mountain-Saginaw school bus.

The crime has been compounded by the suspects' ages, which makes them too young to face legal consequences. But, Child Protective Services has opened investigations into the homes of the two eight-year-olds.

The victim was held down and sodomized by the two eight-year-olds more than once. The boys who are responsible for the sex acts have been removed from the school district. They face no legal action in the juvenile system because they are younger than ten years old.

The attorney for the victim's family said he was concerned the perpetrators may be victims themselves.

“I suggest to you, for an eight-year-old to do this, they have seen it or had it done to them,” lawyer Steve Samples said.

The boy’s mother said the assaults have not only hurt, but confused her son.

“My son feels violated, but not just violated -- violated by two male students as well. So this doesn’t even make sense to him in his own mind,” the mom said.

The bus company said the on-board cameras have been reviewed and that no inappropriate behavior was visible. The family’s attorney said his sources have told him that’s because those involved are small and the seats on the buses are tall and block the camera’s view.

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