Senator Claire McCaskill discusses the time her son called her the "Best prostitute in Kansas City"

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Certainly Missouri’s Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill thinks so, given how hilariously her son once got her profession horribly wrong while telling his classmates about mom’s job.

McCaskill appeared today on Morning Joe, where she was asked to talk about the rocky relationship between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and how the latter’s speaker called Clinton a “corporate Democratic whore” yesterday. Joe Scarborough eventually turned the conversation to McCaskill’s former career as a prosecutor, and how her son once did a described her as “the best” for a second-grade school assignment.

Unfortunately, her son didn’t quite get it right:

“He was writing a paper. He was in the second grade. I explained to him that I was a big prosecutor in Kansas City — how great I was, and he accidentally, when he wrote the paper, said I was the best prostitute in Kansas City.”

Everyone on the panel chuckled at the mistake, and McCaskill told them that that report was definitely one for the family scrapbook. “He was confused and the teacher thought it was hysterical,” she said, “and obviously it was.”

Things could be worse for McCaskill. There could be a video floating around of her in a pink boa like there is for another certain senator.

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