EXCLUSIVE : Portland Community College Trump supporters get harassed and intimidated by Black Power activists during a rally.

Posted by moku 4 years ago in News
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The systemic oppression of voices that do not agree with that of the liberal socialist has been a prevalent part of college campuses for decades. Today we got a brief glimpse of just how "so called" free speech activists try to limit the free speech of those they disagree with. Portland Community College Trump supporters attempted to hold a rally today in support of Donald Trump, but early into the rally a group of unhinged leftist agitators showed up in their Black Power outfits, some masked, others unapologetically clothed in military style regalia, in an effort to intimidate not only the Trump supporters, but our Vidmax reporter. Signs were ripped from Trump supporters hands, several were labeled racist xenophobes, while others were simply pushed and shoved until they left.

Portland Community college recently launched its "Whiteness History Month," which has been used as a way to bash whites. The program has received criticism both country wide and globally.

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