Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer lays out the truth 'Democrats constant charges of racism'

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Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) is sick of being called a bigot and a racist because she is a Republican, supports Republican principals and supports the Republican nominee for president. And she let her former colleague, Gov. Martin O’Malley (R-MD) hear it Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union.

In a fiery exchange between the two former governors, Brewer went off on O’Malley after he told Brewer he couldn’t believe she was supporting Trump because “Donald Trump is a bigot, Donald Trump is a racist, Donald Trump, in fact, is making fascist appeals.”

O’Malley’s attack came after Brewer responded to President Obama’s comments over the weekend calling Trump a “charlatan” and a “bigot.”

“President Obama just always comes tearing after Republicans constantly. Calling names and calling people bigots and racists, and that’s their big comeback and absolutely ridiculous. To see a president speak like that is offensive, period.”

That’s when O’Malley used the carnival trick that Democrats have mastered over the past several years (or has it been decades, I’ve lost track.)

“I think there’s something very, very different here, Jake. Governor Brewer, President Obama doesn’t say this about all Republicans but he does say rightly that Donald Trump is a bigot. Donald Trump is a racist. Donald Trump in fact is making fascist appeals. That’s why many self-respecting Republicans are not supporting Donald Trump for president.

Look, being president of the United States is the toughest job in the world and I can tell you, as someone who has worked with Secretary Clinton and competed against her that she is a tough person who is ready to do this job. Donald Trump is an unstable charlatan who is appealing to the worst instincts in people, and I believe ultimately the American people are going to reject that. This is a very different sort of candidacy. This is not the party of Lincoln.”

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