Grey's Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, goes on a Black Power, anti-white tirade during BET awards

Posted by moku 3 years ago in Politics
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Looks like someone want to be the next Black Power president of the United States.

Grey's Anatomy star, Jesse Williams went on a rant about police brutality that turned out not to be as well as well as "this invention called whiteness' that should not be.

Williams suggests that whites use black for their culture and entertainment for profit while at the same time collecting a big fat pay check from Gray's Anatomy, a show watched mainly by white people.

As any good race hustler, Williams lists all the tried and true, rabble-rousing taking points....slavery, institutionalized racism, police brutality, while never once mentioning the absurdly high rate of black on black murders and other violent crimes in the hood, as well as fatherless children, teen pregnancy, the high percentage of high school drop outs in black society and so on.

No, this is somehow whiteys fault, and the fault of the police who perform a thankless and extremely dangerous job of babysitting the ghettos of America. And when those very police have to use force on a population that hates and disrespects them, those officers defending themselves must meet mob justice or no peace. On the other hand, when things spiral out of control in those same neighborhoods, turning the streets into shootings ranges and businesses into looted skeletons, then the police are blamed for not being vigilant and aggressive enough.

The mainstream media and the black community hailed this speech as heroic, what do you think?

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