Danish students get attacked by Muslim migrants during graduation ceremonies

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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What is supposed to by a festive time for college students graduating, turned out to be a nightmare for students in Copenhagen Denmark.

This weekend has seen three separate attacks on Danish students by young Arab immigrants.

In Denmark there is a tradition that once students graduate from Gymasium , each class ride around in large open vehicles, visiting all of their parents to celebrate.

First reports said it was just boys throwing eggs for fun, but the truth has started to trickle out.

One girl from  Ørestad Gymnasium was hit in the head with a rock as she found herself and he fellow students in the middle of a stone shower from unruly Muslim migrants. Several other classmates were hit by eggs.

At Herlev Gymnasium, 2 girls were sprayed in the eyes with acid, both had to be hospitalized.

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