Navy Seal who was part of team which killed Bin Laden killed by self driving car while watching Harry Potter

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A former US Navy SEAL, Mr Brown, is  believed to be the first person to die at the wheel of a self-driving car, the Tesla Model S.

Mr Brown, 40 had collected eight speeding tickets over the last six years. It was also reported that Joshua Brown may have been watching a Harry Potter movie when his Tesla collided with a truck.

 The car’s windscreen hit the bottom of a tractor trailer as it passed underneath, and the car kept going, leaving the road. It then struck a fence, crossed a field, and hit a pole, according to a report by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Brown served in the fabled SEAL Team Six, the elite unit that killed Osama bin Laden.

In a statement, Tesla said: "Neither autopilot, nor the driver 

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