And now, and Robert Reich would like to school you on having a Socialist 4th of July

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Former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, Robert Reich, wants to lecture you on what REAL patriotism really is.

You see, it’s not about the flag, or about all those patriots who died in the formation of this country, nore those who fought protected it thereafter.

No, Reich thinks its about paying MORE taxes, not trying to use the tax code, written by both parties, to save money, you know, pesky loopholes that are there for all the limousine liberals and not the rest of it all, pay more, then you will be true red white and blue on the 4th.

He also wants all of the Donald Trump supporters to know that none of you are truly patriotic, with you racist walls and calling for the US government to enforce immigration laws, NOPE NOPE NOPE! Bobby here thinks an ever expanding government with more powers, now that’s what the founding fathers were all about.

“True patriots don’t hate their government of the United States, they’re proud of their country”. Reich ties the government to the country as if they are one in the same. You can love your country and hate your government, this is true patriotism.

Those who hate Obama because he hates the country are what makes patriotism so powerful and needed. This is supposedly a knock on the tea party, who questions the government and wished to greatly limited, as the founding fathers intended. And no Bob, the government DOES NOT, solve our problems. The last 7 years is a testament to that.

So if you want to know what it truly means to be a patriot and show genuine patriotism this 4th of July, watch this video and do none of it.

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