This dude in a dress just won the Utah, Dem senate primaries

Posted by moku 3 years ago in Politics
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History was made in Utah this week. Misty K. Snow will become the first dude in a dress candidate to run for Senate in America. He will go head to head with that dude in a suit, and Tea Party favorite, Mike Lee.

For all of you LGBT and DID(Dudes In a Dress) supporters, there is EVEN MORE good news. Misty Plowright, another dude in a dress, will challenge Rep. Doug Lamborn in Colorado for Congress.

Now for all you triggered liberals, who will say that all the other ‘respectable’ media are calling these two ‘women’, rest assure, this is the only place that is calling these races accurately.:

Two dudes in dresses against two dudes in suits.

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