Missouri’s gubernatorial candidate’s ‘ISIS Hunting Permits’ triggers Muslims

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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One way of raising campaign funds in Missouri? Selling hunt permits apparently.

But these aren't just any hunting permits.

Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens is selling so-called "ISIS hunting permits" to raise money. The Rebpulican's campaign sells stickers that say "ISIS HUNTING PERMIT 2016."

These stickers are $10 each and say that the permit expires "When we defeat this evil." Greitens has been a bit controversial as a candidate so far, since is he is also facing accusations of sexual assault from a former donor.

He is a former NAVY SEAL Officer and appears to be relying on his military experience in his campaign.

The Executive Director for the Counsel on American Islamic Relations in Missouri, Faizan Syed, says the group stands against ISIS but he feels Greitens' message may put Missouri Muslims in danger if it ends up in the wrong hands.

"The problem is with his target audience. Amongst them are radicals in this country who don't know the difference between the two [Muslims and radical Islamists]," said Faizan Syed.

"Those are the people who we have to be worried about when they get a bumper sticker saying 'here's your permit to attack ISIS'.

When they see a woman at Walmart with her children and they say, 'this looks like ISIS, I'm going to attack ISIS,' that is when the real trouble begins," he said.

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