Extreme Large Fleeing ISIS Convoy Gets Totally Annihilated By Iraqi Mi-28 Havocs

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in War
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The Iraqi Ministry of Defense released footage of Iraqi army aviation Mi-28 Havoc combat helicopters destroying a really extreme large ISIS vehicle convoy fleeing the battle of Fallujah. The Islamic State convoy was intercepted by the Mi-28 heicopters while it was trying to retreat into Syria and then got totally annihilated by the Iraqi army helicopters. The video shows the total destruction of the ISIS convoy in the desert west of Fallujah by the Iraqi army aviation Mi-28 Havoc gunship combat attack helicopters delivered by Russia and scenes of the convoys remains after the devastating helicopter rocket strike attack and heavy machine gun fire on the ISIS vehicles. Sources claim about 700 ISIS vehicles fleeing the battlefield in Fallujah were destroyed during the attack.

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