HUH?!? Confused EU Pres claims "Leaders of other Planets are worried"

Posted by moku 4 years ago in News
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During a speech on the 28th of June in the European in Parliament in Brussels, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker confused attendees in Parliament when he started talking about what appear to be extraterrestrials. Juncker claimed he met and listened to "leaders of other planets" who are "watching us from afar". He says they worried as they keep asking about the path the European Union will pursue following the BREXIT vote of the British people.

Jean-Claude Juncker is known for his confusing and erratic behavior in front of cameras. During a EU-Eastern Partnership summit in Latvia on May 21st, 2015, he was filmed visibly intoxicated, kissing and slapping leaders of European nations. At one point he slapped Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the face after calling him "Dictator" before he proceeded to kiss other European leaders on their forehead.

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