Crowd lifts car to save boy trapped under wheel

Posted by Heisenberg 2019 years ago in CCTV
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Surveillance cameras have captured the breathtaking moment when a four-year-old boy playing on a scooter was run over by a car in southwest China's Sichuan Province. The video, filmed on June 27 in Suining city, shows the boy playing unattended on the street in front of a residential area. A car slowly drives towards the boy, hitting the youngster before stopping with its left front wheel on top of him. The boy was in the driver’s blind zone. The owner of a nearby store witnessed the accident and shouted for the driver to stop the car. Pedestrians quickly became aware of the situation and came to join in the rescue. In the following minutes, they succeeded in lifting the car and saving the boy. He was sent to hospital immediately and thanks to timely medical treatment, is now in a stable condition and recovering well.

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