Idiot stealing Donald Trump signs are now leaving notes behind bashing Trump supporters as 'low-level simpletons'

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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A Massachusetts man dealing with two successive thefts of his Donald Trump campaign yard signs decided the third time was the charm and pinned another sign to a tree, 11 feet in the air. But, the thief apparently struck Michael Liotta’s Walpole yard yet again, this time leaving a nasty message to the 67-year-old Vietnam veteran and retired firefighter. “It would appear that you thought that you were outsmarting me when you put the sign on the tree … There is no way that a Trump supporter can outsmart anyone,” the note read. The vandal, signed only as “S”, continued: “People of your kind are in fact the most dimwitted, low-level simpletons that any well-developed nation has to offer.” Liotta fired back at the trespasser: “It’s my property. If I want to put up a sign … it’s my business,” he told WFXT, “It’s freedom of speech.” Police are still searching for the culprit, and Liotta has meanwhile gotten another sign, and posted it about ten feet higher than the last.

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