Stupid teen gives her puppy drugs 'for fun', then records the puppy dying in agonizing pain

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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A tiny puppy was brought to vets convulsing in agony and choking on its own vomit after a teenage girl drugged the poor animal for fun. Veterinarians were forced to put down the two-month-old puppy as a last resort to put it out of its misery. The stomach-wrenching scene saw the puppy's brief life come to a painful end after a sickening case of animal cruelty. A 17-year-old Hungarian girl, who lived in Varpalota, a town in the west of the country, drugged the adorable animal "for fun". The suffering puppy was filmed writhing and wimpering, unaware it had just been poisoned. Animal rights activist Laura Antal posted the video and story on Facebook, where it stunned hundreds of thousands on social media. The animal lover said that the teen girl, who remains under investigation for drugging the puppy, had sent the tiny puppy into shock. The video of the dying animal has reached a massive 201,000 views so far.

Veterinarians had no chance of treating the dying puppy because it was unclear what substance the dog had been drugged with. According to Ms Antal, the "little soul" suffered constant convulsions, cramps and pain and was continuously foaming at the mouth. She added: "We have seen so many sad, harsh, cruel, disgusting, and shocking cases over our time spent caring for animals, but today all of us remain shocked." The animal rights activist confirmed she had filed a criminal complaint against the girl. Authorities have told local media this is not the first time an animal had been drugged in the town. They were also concerned the puppy had suffered a broken leg, as evidenced by the cast on its leg.

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