CBS news omits the fact that Hillary Clinton engaged in pay for play from their broadcast regarding her email scandal

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With the fresh batch of newly released e-mails regarding the Clinton Foundation, thanks to a Judicial Watch lawsuit, came new revelations of strong connections with the Hillary Clinton State Department. The e-mails added more fuel to the accusations that foundation donors “payed-to-play.” Donors such as S. Daniel Abraham, the man behind Slim Fast, and the Crown Prince of Bahrain got special meetings with the Clinton through her top aide. Even with these startling new details CBS Evening News failed to report them Monday. Instead of focusing on the new revelations, CBS chose to focus on the nearly 15,000 new Clinton e-mails discovered by the state department. The content of those e-mails had yet to be released, which makes them an easy topic to report. Fill-in anchor Maurice Dubois mocked the situation, saying, “Now to the presidential campaign. It seems every time Hillary Clinton tries to delete the e-mail issue it winds up back in her inbox.”

But ABC seemed to take it a little bit more seriously. “In this e-mail, foundation aide Doug Band asks top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin to set up a meaning with a major donor,” reported David Wright on World News Tonight, “The Crown Prince of Bahrain, calling him, quote, “a good friend of ours.” Abedin scheduled the meeting.” NBC’s resident Hillary Clinton fangirl, Andrea Mitchell, reported something similar on NBC Nightly News. “But it comes as newly released Clinton e-mails from conservative watch dog, Judicial Watch, shows some big foundation donors got access to Clinton through her top aide Huma Abedin,” Mitchell admitted, “Example, former Slim Fast tycoon S. Daniel Abraham, who donated millions to the Clinton Foundation got a meeting with Clinton right after asking Abedin.”

Mitchell seemed to defend Clinton and the foundation by noting, “Defenders point out that the charity has improved the lives of millions.” She also touted an attack at Donald Trump by Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine. Andrea Mitchell: Clinton running mate Tim Kaine turning the charge back against Trump. Tim Kaine: Before you go about attacking a charity, why don't you come clean about your own business dealings.

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