Skinny Walrus At A Candadian Marine Park Leads To Worries About Sea Animals' Living Conditions

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Animals
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This is Zeus, Marineland Canada's 13 year old walrus. As you can see, Zeus is very emaciated. His skin drapes his bones. No muscle tone. No blubber or fat visible. His air sac below his neck, protruding. His belly, virtually nonexistent. His lack of energy and attention...Zeus is very sick. In 2012, former employees, including myself quit Marineland to speak out about their treatment of animals. Zeus was highlighted as one of the worst cases. The OSPCA refuses to do anything about Zeus, or any of Marineland's animals. They're left in the cold, without regulation or protection. This is the most recent video of a rare sighting of Zeus, as Marineland keeps him largely out of the public eye. Don't let Marineland get away with quietly burying Zeus in their mass grave. We need all eyes on Zeus!

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