91 Year Old Michigan Man turns the tables on a would-be robber,

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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About 10:15 am a 91-yr-old man had just left his vehicle to walk into the Rite Aid on Gratiot Ave in Eastpointe when a strange man approached him. He later told the police that the man was behaving erratically and following him. He told the man that he had a license to have a concealed firearm to scare the man off. Instead the stranger pointed an unknown object at him. The Senior citizen, fearing for his safety fired at the man and struck him in the neck. Thankfully, the stranger was scared off and started to run away. The police were able to track him down across the street. They arrested him then took him to the hospital.

This Senior Citizen did the right thing. When he noticed someone strange approach him, he warned him that he was armed. And when the man continued advancing, he acted. There is a ‘reactionary gap’ which is the distance needed to react decisively and effectively to a given situation. How far a reactionary gap should be varies based on terrain, physical conditioning, situational awareness, skill level and the nature of the attack. A good rule of thumb is to remember that an average healthy male adult can cover 21-feet in about 1.5 seconds. Too much hesitation would allow a suspect to get too close to you and give them the upper-hand.

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