'Who the f**k are all you racists?' Turkish youths in Netherlands attack a cyclist then the police!

Posted by moku 3 years ago in War
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A group of violent Turkish migrants have filmed themselves 'terrorising a neighbourhood' and bragging about their behaviour online.

The group, from Zaandam in the Netherlands, are said to have been intimidating police officers, jumping on police cars and beating up a bicyclist.

The group's 19-year-old leader Ismail Ilgun was arrested this morning, according to Telegraaf.

In his latest video, Ilgun said: 'Who the f*** are all you racists?

'I am an Erdogan warrior, a Turk who will remain in the Netherlands and who will earn a lot of money by making videos without working for it.'

Even Dutch PM Mark Rutte, 49, felt the need to respond to the local crisis in Zaandam.

'They are the scum of the earth. The police and local authorities are right on it. They should just buzz off,' he said according to Central European News.

On Monday Zaandam city council member, Juliette Rot, was allegedly threatened by the migrant group in front of her house.

She said: 'They jumped out of a car and started to tape and intimidate me. Ilgun blamed me, saying I was stigmatising them.

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