69 year old woman claims she was assaulted by a Trump Supporter, video appears to show her walk into two men and fall

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“The video clearly shows that he is being led through the screaming, hostile crowd by his wife because he cannot see well,” Smith explained to Breitbart News. “The video actually shows him stumbling at one point because he couldn’t see the curb.

“It shows [Teeter] come up behind him and reach out her left hand and grab his shoulder. [She] was pulling him back, and he lifted up his right hand to get her off of him, and she fell.”

The video, which is somewhat unclear, shows Campbell stumbling at about 0:35, and shows Teeter following him, then reaching out to him at about 0:55. It does not show the precise moment at which Campbell reacts and Teeter falls.

Smith told Breitbart News that Teeter returned to protesting after the incident, and was later photographed smiling. She added that Teeter showed no visible sign of any injury to her jaw, either in a Facebook picture allegedly posted after the altercation, or in the WLOS interview.

“Her statement is slanderous. It’s libel,” Smith said, adding that Campbell is considering suing Teeter for malicious prosecution, libel, and slander.

“She has turned this into a nightmare. Why would anybody be so thoughtless and vicious?” Smith asked. The Campbells “would never hurt anybody. These are two old people,” she added.

Smith said that Campbell, who was due to have cataract surgery next week, will travel back to North Carolina to surrender himself to police.

“We’re looking forward to having it heard in court, because the truth will come out.”

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