Muslim migrants exposed! They came to Europe with detailed plans to milk the welfare system! And they are succeeding!

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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he Syrian refugee crisis continues unabated. Millions have fled the country to refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, and millions more take enormous risks to reach refuge in Europe. In both the United States and Europe, the response to the refugee flow is often discussed in a humanitarian framework: The refugees should not be forced to return to Syria, where they would face torture, imprisonment, and death. Last week, at the Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi, Dutch-Ghanaian activist Manuella Appiah argued that international law requires the West to embrace Syrian refugees. And none other than Pope Francis sought to rationalize the Arab influx into Europe as just one among many migrations to Europe that have enriched the continent throughout its history. Policymakers, diplomats, and elite journalists preach that the West, if it is to remain true to its liberal values, has a responsibility to shelter and protect the refugees; meanwhile, nativism is rising as the general public revolts against such sanctimony.

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