Social experiment gone wrong! British citizens actually attack a man for telling a dinghy of Muslim migrants to go back

Posted by moku 3 years ago in FAIL!
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This is the moment British beach-goers race to help a pair of 'migrants' who were abused and told to 'go home' by a raging man after their dinghy washed up on Brighton beach.

In the video two men laden with bags struggle to make it to shore from their rubber boat.

As a number of bemused holidaymakers dressed in swimwear watch, a man who had apparently been sunbathing races down to the shore line and begins heckling the men, pushing their dinghy back into the surf and telling them 'we don't want migrants here, we voted out!'

After just a minute a number of beach-goers attempted to defuse the situation and leaped to the defence of the two migrants.

But the two 'migrants' and the angry bystander were actually actors, and the video was produced as a social experiment by serial YouTube pranksters Trollstation.

The video begins with the men in the boat shouting: 'Is this England?'

The angry man replies: 'No, no, no this is Japan mate. Did you not hear about the Brexit? Hey, what are you doing, turn around, Go back, go back! Refugees are not allowed in here!'

'You go back out that way. We voted out! Someone help me out, don't be letting these refugees in.'

'You're not allowed in, your're not coming in. Go back, get out. You're not allowed in England. Foreigners out! They're going to start taking my dole money!'

At this point beachgoers begin interrupting him. One said: 'Are you being serious? Leave them alone.'

But the angry man then begins manhandling one of the 'migrants' before pushing him into the water.

But the hero beachgoers are having none of it and begin pushing him before separating him from the two men. One said: 'What are you doing? Leave them alone you heartless p****.'

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