“I am sick looking at you,” “I Want Your Job Taken From You" Black and Latino SJWs lose it on their Professor

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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The Yale University student who screamed at Nicholas Christakis—former master of Yale’s Silliman College—wasn’t alone, according to several other videos of the incident from last fall that were recently publicized.

Indeed, a group of students hounded Christakis, and many of them levelled absurd accusations that he was promoting violence on campus. Others snapped their fingers to express agreement with the several agitated students.

“You have created space for violence,” said one student. When Christakis said he disagreed with that statement, she replied, “You can’t.”

Another student was even less polite. “I am sick looking at you,” this student told Christakis. “I am disgusted knowing that you work at Yale University.”

As a reminder, Christakis’s moral failing—in the students’ view—was siding with his wife, who had recently sent an email to students expressing her disagreement with an administrative reminder not to wear offensive or culturally-appropriative Halloween costumes. Students don’t need the university telling them how to dress on Halloween, said Erika Christakis.

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