GERMANISTAN : Germany is now promoting Hijabs to their female citizens

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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This is a short insight on the programs you can expect on both State and privately owned Television channels in Germany. In this advertisement, a veiled woman stands in front of a text that spells "Turkish women wear the Hijab". The woman looks to the camera and turns out to be a blonde German girl: Charlotte Würdig, an actress and TV moderator . She proudly exclaims that "I wear one (a Hijab) too, it's beautiful" before stating the Ad campaign slogan: "Enjoy difference, start Tolerance." German taxpayers have to pay a mandatory State Television and Media broadcasting fee to finance the government owned Television and Radio channels. All private channels belong to just three companies.

This particularly Channel is called "Pro 7" and belongs to the Lavena Holding 4 GmbH which also owns other major Entertainment and News channels. The entire network was bought by a Jewish billionaire, Haim Sabam, and subsequently every channel was infiltrated with a multicultural agenda. In some cases, the blatant propaganda of privately owned channels is even more ridiculous than State Television. The ad campaign was funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2012.

The broadcasting fee is used to fund all state owned media outlets, who have grown to be bureaucratic giants, arguably wasting billions of taxpayer money every year. A good example of wasteful sepnding is sexual education, available in Arabic, for male refugees, featuring advise on various sexual positions and the process on how to impregnate a girl

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