LIBTARD Geraldo Rivera thinks Hillary Clinton deserves armed protection, but not US Citizens who own businesses

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Geraldo Rivera: He’s been on a historic roll. Ever since Mexico he has cut her lead by high single digits, maybe even 10 points. He’s reversed the momentum in the race. He’s made himself seem a plausible candidate. He’s got to not say stupid stuff. That was stupid because he said. “and let’s see what happens to her.” …To the former First Lady, Secretary of State senator, take her guns away, let’s see what happens?

Tucker Carlson: Why should she be protected and we not be protected? That’s a sincere question. What’s the answer?

Geraldo: I just gave you the three titles that she’s held. She’s a prime target, unlike you.

Tucker Carlson: I don’t believe that. I’m an American I don’t believe that.

Geraldo: It’s not that your life is more (less) valuable.

Tucker: It is that…

Geraldo: It’s that she’s more targeted. Why would they come..

Tucker: What about a bodega owner in the South Bronx. His life is more targeted.

Geraldo: ISIS is not going to target Tucker Carlson or a bodega owner in the Bronx. ISIS will target the former Secretary of State who they hate.

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