FED UP : 80 Germans clash with 20 Refugees after another night of Sexual assaults occur at the hands of Muslim migrants

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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A confrontation between 80 locals and 20 refugees in the German town of Bautzen, Saxony, escalated on the night of to the 14th. Patriotic German residents, labelled "far right extremists" by the German media, had enough of the sexual harassment, robberies and trouble caused by the male, mostly North African migrants and assembled in an effort to scare them off so the locals could go about their business in peace. They shouted slogans to make clear that the town belongs to them and that "they are the people".

Physical violence was initiated by the migrants. They threw bottles and wooden panels at the locals and attacked both the police, the right wing group as well as Leftists who previously allied with the refugees. The Germans managed to overpower them and chased them back to their asylum center.

German media currently portrays the events as Neo-Nazi Skinheads attacking innocent "unaccompanied refugee children" out of hatred and xenophobia.

Like with many other German cities, migrant gangs have claimed entire districts of the town for themselves, with many residents being too scared to enter these areas - especially after sunset. As the number of illegal immigrants on German soil increases, so do incidents of rape, sexual harassment and theft. This is the logical reaction of the native population who is fed up with this.

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