Shocking moment a road rage driver floors a pensioner with a single PUNCH

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in CCTV
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A motorist who was dozing in his parked car is being hunted after he punched an elderly man in the face when he asked him to move. The man was apparently furious at having been woken up, and got out to confront the pensioner, before he eventually knocked him over with a single punch to the head. The incident took place in the city of Ciudad Satelite, in the central Mexican state of Mexico. The beating was recorded by surveillance cameras overlooking the car and shows an elderly man, aged 75, wearing black trousers and a white shirt approaching the white Hyundai car, apparently because he wanted to ask the man inside why he was sleeping and to tell him he could not stay there anymore. The driver, whose name was not reported, then gets out of the car and faces the victim who was also not identified. The motorist seems to pretend to leave, but suddenly turns round and comes back to deliver a violent punch to the head of the pensioner who instantly falls to the ground After the attack, seeing that the OAP is no longer moving, the motorist then scrambles into his car and drives off quickly as eyewitnesses rush over to help the pensioner. None of them tried to stop the attacker but concentrated on helping the old man. The video then went viral on local social media networks where the attacker was given the hashtag name LordHyundai. It is currently unclear whether or not the road rage driver was arrested.

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