London policeman smashes car windscreen after driver refuses to get out of vehicle

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Police videos
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Captured on a mobile phone by a man inside the car, the video has gone viral on Twitter and other social network. While it is not clear when or where the footage was taken, it is thought to have been recorded recently in London. The short footage begins with a police officer standing outside a car as the driver records. He then grabs hold of an open window and attempts to pull the door open before asking the man to get out three times. He then tells the man:" You're not allowed to drive it", before swinging what appears to be a baton at the car four times. The officer then shouts loudly at the driver once more: "Get out of the car", and uses the base of the baton to hit the side window. The policeman then leans towards the driver once again and orders him to get out of the car, to which the man inside replies: "I've got a licence. I've got a licence, I've got insurance." In the footage, which has gone viral after it was shared by a former member of the music group So Solid Crew, the officer then moves to the front of the car and smashes the windscreen.

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