Sick black pranksters stage 'practice' drive by shooting on a group of terrified children

Posted by The King Slayer 3 years ago in WTF
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The men were driving through a residential street in Cincinnati, Ohio, when they held a gun out of their window and pretended to open fire. At the beginning of the clip, the men show their faces to the camera as they 'prepare' their guns . They then wind the windows up halfway and hold their weapons out of the top. As they pass a group of children standing on the pavement, they 'open fire', laughing manically. In the background of the footage, the children are heard screaming in terror as they attempt to run for cover. The video was originally posted on Facebook, but has since been taken down, according to WAFB News. Cincinnati Police confirmed they are aware of the video and are now investigating. A Cincinnati Councilwoman and Mayoral candidate said: "I am sad and disheartened to see one of our young people displaying such a violent act on Facebook. We can't wait, the time is now. Our District 3 officers are investigating this incident."

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