Oceanside, CA : "Peaceful" Mexicans show their lack of class, verbally and physically assault Donald Trump supporters simply for holding up signs

Posted by moku 3 years ago in
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Sept. 17th, 2016. Overpass Rally for Trump over I-5 in Oceanside. Very successful 2 hour rally, over 20 patriots attended. Oceanside PD stopped by about an hour into our rally to try to get us to leave because a resident of the nearby Mexican barrio complained about all the honking on I-5 due to our great signs. We told Sgt. Garcia that we had every right to rally on that public overpass and sidewalk and would not be leaving. Minutes later we came under attack by passing motorists and some pro-Mexico punks from the barrio - throwing water bottles, eggs, and full soda cans at our ralliers. Luckily, no one was hit and there were no injuries. The barrio punks tried to protest and disrupt in the middle of our rally with their Mexicans signs, but we forced them to the sides of the overpass. OPD officers sat on their motorcycles nearby, observing, and did nothing to stop the punks, cite them, nor protect our rights. Par for the course in Obama's Amerika in 2016..... We had an outstanding rally for Trump, despite all the hate and violence coming from the anti-Americans. Just proves how much we need Donald Trump for our next president!

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