UNREAL! Portland, anti-Trump rioters attack pregnant woman with a baseball bat

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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Just when you thought the country couldn't fall deeper into deplorable Democrat behavior, get a load of this outrage.

Portland rioters, rioting over a free and democratic election, looted, smashed windows, set fires and.....in this case, surrounded a car with a pregnant driver trying to get to the hospital.

The woman shouted she had a medical emergency, even tried to move her vehicle up to move them but it only enraged them more.

One thug viciously attacked her windshield with a bat, just inches from her face.

It was also reported that the woman tossed laundry detergent at the mob to get them away and a few tackled her and assaulted her on the ground.

The woman can be seen frantically calling 911, but as usual, Portland cops are notorious for letting rioters do as they please.

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