Rand Paul is absolutely giddy with excitement over Donald Trump's first month of undoing Obama's damaging policies

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Despite differing with Donald Trump often during the primaries, Rand Paul is excited to get to work.

RAND PAUL: I think we’re going to spend the first month passing the repeal of Obama regulations and they will be signed by Trump. I think there will be a half a dozen regulations repealed in the first week of Congress and this is something I’m excited to do because most of these regulations haven’t been written by Congress. I think they’re unconstitutional because they’ve been – basically the Executive is legislating and that was never the intention of the Founding Fathers. So I think you’re going to find that we’re going to repeal a half dozen or more regulations in the first week of Congress and I’m excited about it because I think the regulations have been killing our jobs and making us less competitive with the world.

Paul argued Trump and those opposed to him can find common ground in business.

PAUL: I think the interesting thing you’re going to find is that I think he’ll have a pro-business agenda. This administration has been very anti-business. Most of the people in the Obama administration never held jobs in the real world. They were extremist academics who wanted to regulate everything that moved. So I think you will find that we will put on Trump’s desk repeal of regulation after regulation and I think you will see him sign them. I don’t think you’re going to see resistance from Donald Trump to get rid of the regulatory war on business. It has gone way too far, I mean, we’re regulating – there was a story the other day of the EPA, when [farmers] plow the field, and you have the mound of dirt between the rows, they call that mini-mountains and they’re regulating that as mountain ranges. The government has gone crazy with regulations – none of them have been passed by Congress. I think you’re going to see repeal in the first week and I think you’ll see Donald Trump sign them.

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