Road rage incident turns personal as drivers insult each other

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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The incident is believed to have taken place in the UK, but the exact location is not known. At the start of the footage, the man filming says: 'You won't let us through with the horses. We have horses on. We have two loads of horses. You won't reverse.' The woman replies: 'There's a car behind me now.' The man then reiterates the fact that they have horses, to which the woman responds: 'Yeah? So you're treating horses better than human beings?' He replies: 'Yes because horses give us respect, you don't. You're an old fat wh**e.' The argument then descends into a bizarre war of words over her weight, with the woman firing back: 'Fat? I'll tell you what mate, I bet I'm fitter than you. I've cycled 1,000 miles this year already.' The man replies: 'Well done, well done. How comes you haven't got rid of that pud on then?' The man filming the incident accused the woman of being an 'old fat wh**e'. She later gets out of the car and appears to go to kick him, before saying 'it's muscle' She says that 'it's called women's bits', while he shoots back: 'That gut ain't women's bits.' At that point, the woman gets out of her car and appears to go to kick the man. She then gets back into her vehicle, saying: 'Call the police 'cause I ain't f***ing moving'. Later on in the footage, the man can be heard saying: 'You got that leg high for a pretty fat woman, didn't you?' When the man accuses her of being fat, she says 'it's called women's bits'. He shoots back: 'That gut ain't women's bits' She replies: 'See, appearances are deceiving.' He then says 'You're still fat', before adding: 'It's all appearances are, is fat'. The woman then gets out of her car and shows him her calf, saying: 'It's muscle, mate.' It is not clear when the incident took place, but it recently resurfaced on social media where it has been shared thousands of times.

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