Chili's under fire for taking black veteran's free meal away

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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Cedar Hill - An army veteran says he was embarrassed and insulted when his free Veteran’s Day meal was taken away from him.

He recorded the interaction as a Chili’s manager in Cedar Hill questioned his service and took away his free burger.

U.S. Army Veteran Ernest Walker says he was 16 and homeless when he enlisted, and the military changed his life. He feels disrespected and wants the company to validate his service.

Walker says he and his service dog, Barack, went into Chili's in Cedar Hill for a free burger on Veteran's Day. He says his military service was questioned, and then this happened...

Manager: "I'm so sorry. You didn't provide any documents to me."

Walker: "Yes I did provide documents to you.”

Walker says a manager at the Chili's snatched his to-go box, saying Walker could not prove he is a veteran.

But Walker says he showed him his DD214 and his driver's license, which he also showed FOX 4 Sunday.

He believes it was another customer, an elderly white man, also a veteran, who doubted him.

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