Hamas Leader Caught On Video Telling Muslims To Kill Non-Believers

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in War
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What is so good about Islam or being Muslim? See how wicked Moslems are! Islam is the only religion in the world that teaches Hate, Intolerance, Violence and Bloodshed against non-Moslems, all done for Allah the Moslem God.

Islam is an Evil Religion filled with so much Hypocrisy and Pretend Holiness. The Quran ask it's Moslem followers to Hate Kooffar, to Kill them for Allah and to Lie for Allah to save themselves and deceive Infidels in order to gain an advantage over them. For us Christians, Lying is Sin and Sin separate us from God. Can Oil mix with Water? Can Sin and Holiness mix? The opposite of Truth is Lie(Islam) and the opposite of Good is Evil.

How can a True God who is Holy and Pure ask His followers to hate His other creation (Jews) and kill them or even lie to them? Islam teaches Moslems it is OK to lie and hate non-Moslems(Kaffir) for Allah that contradicts the teachings of Jesus, who is more on Love not Hate (Islam), Truth not Lies (Islam), Mercy not Killing (Islam) or Slaughter. A true God will never ask His followers to perform Evil or Wicked deeds in order to achieve good. Anyone doing Islamic Jihad by Suicide Bombing non-Moslems to glorify the name of God is insane.

What Muslims fail to realize is simply this - Christians tell the truth because our God and our conscience demand it, our God says "Be Holy as I am Holy." - While we all know Muslims are the unrepentant deceivers, schemers, plotters and liars commanded by Allah to be "unrepentant" in the NAME of the Greatest of all Deceivers (SATAN) -Its Muslims that are desperate to "believe" that acts of evil can be good - and that the Moslem God Allah is the same God of the Jews(Torah) and Christians (Bible).. Jesus says to forgive and love your enemies but Mohamed says to treat them harshly, to butcher them wherever you find them and to shame them by forcing them to pay Jitzia. The Quran is nothing more than Satan's gift to Mankind by False Prophet Mohamed.

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