Fox News Host Chris Wallace and Trump's Chief of Staff get into it over the Russian Hack Claims

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Reince Priebus Fox News Sunday FULL Interview 1/8/17. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace pressed incoming White House chief-of-staff Reince Priebus after he seemingly suggested that the Democratic National Committee was to blame for its own emails being hacked. Wallace began by asking the outgoing RNC chairman if his boss Donald Trump now accepted that “the Russians” were behind the DNC hack. Priebus deflected ever so slightly, saying that Trump accepted the findings that “entities in Russia” were behind the hacks.

Priebus went on to argue that the Democrats were at fault for “allowing” the Russians to hack them. “We have the DNC as a sitting duck. Wait a second, Chris, because it matters…” he said when Wallace began to object. “They lacked defenses. They lacked training. They allowed foreign governments into their system.”

“Well who do you blame more for this?” asked Wallace. “Do you blame Putin and the Kremlin, or do you blame the DNC? Who’s the primary actor here?”

“The primary actor is the foreign entity that’s perpetrating the crime to begin with,” Priebus said.

“Which was? Which was?” Wallace pressed repeatedly, speaking over him.

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